Culinary & Cultural Tales

Dispatches From La Riviere –
The Mediterranean Arc From Spain To France To Italy

We're Paris travel experts, and we share our love of the city – and what to do while you're here – at our online travel resource, Paris Insiders Guide. But, we also love the ambience and the culinary cultures of the rest of France and of its two Mediterranean neighbours, Italy & Spain.

In this collection of tales we share our excitement, our adventures, and our discoveries. 

Allons-y !  Let's go!

– Diane & Mark


On Roman Restaurants

We had a lively response from our readers following our misadventures at Osteria Fernanda. • Tom from The Cotswolds wrote – "TripAdvisor...

The Forty-Dollar Comb

If there's a Siberia in Rome, we were in it. Our young and enthusiastic guide on a food tour had enthusiastically recommended Osteria Fern..

The Day That Saved Rome

We started Rome too hard. But then, in the space of a single day, our attitude went from "Rome? I'm not so sure." to "Rome? It's eternal !"