Culinary & Cultural Tales

Dispatches From La Riviere –
The Mediterranean Arc From Spain To France To Italy

We're Paris travel experts, and we share our love of the city – and what to do while you're here – at our online travel resource, Paris Insiders Guide. But, we also love the ambience and the culinary cultures of the rest of France and of its two Mediterranean neighbours, Italy & Spain.

In this collection of tales we share our excitement, our adventures, and our discoveries. 

Allons-y !  Let's go!

– Diane & Mark


Starshine on Gigondas

He got the call on a Saturday at 11:45 AM, just when noon service at L'Oustalet was about to begin. Chefs across France had their fingers...

Two Restaurants and a Funeral

The bell in the clock tower chimed twelve times. "S'il vous plaît, nous allons observer une minute de silence, suivie par La Marseillaise."

The Aix Incident

When traveling, from one day to the next, you face the Great Unknown. What will the next place be like? Will we adore our new hotel or...

The Two Best Things About Sète

Here are the two best things about Sète, a French port town on the Mediterranean : The Marcel, with chef Fabien Fage at the helm, earning...

Un Pneu Crevé à Sablet

When he was younger we liked to play Mille Bornes with Alexandre. It's the French card game where you try to be the first player to rack...

6:24 AM

About a week ago, we went to bed leaving the laundry drying on the clotheslines on our upper terrasse, just outside the bedroom. This was...

The One-Man Market of the D977

On Bastille Day, close to noon, we were zooming along the D977, heading to Sablet from an emergency trip to the boulangerie at Crestet...

The Two Cathedrals of Vaison-la-Romaine

Vaison-la-Romaine is three towns in one. There's the ancient Roman city. Surrounding it is the modern city. The medieval city is up on the

Gigondas Sur Table

Imagine this... 42 producers of the best wines of Gigondas. 6 top regional chefs, including 2 with Michelin stars, cooking and serving food