Culinary & Cultural Tales

Dispatches From La Riviere –
The Mediterranean Arc From Spain To France To Italy

We're Paris travel experts, and we share our love of the city – and what to do while you're here – at our online travel resource, Paris Insiders Guide. But, we also love the ambience and the culinary cultures of the rest of France and of its two Mediterranean neighbours, Italy & Spain.

In this collection of tales we share our excitement, our adventures, and our discoveries. 

Allons-y !  Let's go!

– Diane & Mark


Seaside Sunday Lunch in Málaga

The fact that it was Sunday didn't set off any alarms for us, even though we know, love, and even write about the tradition of Sunday...

Gran Hotel Miramar – Casa, Sweet Casa

“Oh look, there’s a sign to the hotel we didn’t stay at," Diane casually points out as we walk through a lovely little park on our way to...